With CynoSure, everything that can be automated is automated

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CynoSure - A Service- Oriented Platform

CynoSure is designed to be an open and extensible framework of insurance services. Various services are combined to form an exquisitely bespoke offering matching the needs of service provider and their customers.

CynoSure is a 100% service-oriented software platform connected through web services. With this architecture insurance providers build from established CynoSure web services out-of-the-box, or integrate with their established architecture.

Client Centrism

CynoSure operates under a digital ethos with the client relations at the centre of the data model. CynoSure’s digital claim handling is built around customer specific claim situations and is entirely rules-based to enable Straight Through Processing (STP).

As a fully real-time solution, CynoSure ensures the most accurate and up-to-date single customer view

Wherever You Want It

With total implementation freedom to match your businesses rhythm, insurers can operate a future-proof digital offering

  • BPO hosted on/offshore
  • 100% SaaS model
  • Private cloud

Return on Investment

With CynoSure, everything that can be automated is automated to ensure full time employee (FTE) numbers are kept to a minimum. Doubling the size of the policies under management barely impacts the FTS numbers.

CynoSure is set up as a flexible and scalable platform with well-chosen and well-established dependencies with third parties... facilitating six-fold organic growth

Source: Atos Research Report


A Suite of Components

CynoSure offers a highly callable platform on which to build a leading digital insurance presence. CynoSure is the kernel that orchestrates a number of core components to build a market offering.

From system administration (CynoCtrl) and analytics (CynoLytics), through customer services (CynoAssist) and campaign management (CynoSell) to document management (CynoDocs) and claims processing (CynoClaim).

Technical Highlights

CynoSure is 100% client-centric and is developed with openness, flexibility and reliability in mind:

  • Seamless integration through APIs, open web services with third party solutions and external data sources
  • Multi-distributed system hosted 24/7 in world-class datacentres
  • Best engineering practises based on industry standards and relational databases
  • Business rule driven and service oriented architecture to enable on the fly implementation of product and process changes


CynoSure Capabilities

Relation and Account Administration

Manage account details concerning the insurer and their client and prospect bases including claims/debt parties. Each party manages their own data (click ‘my details’) online according to their login permission/access profile.

Insurance Administration

Manage all insurance policy data pertaining to client insurance policies and premium calculations and prospect offers. Fully supports automatic changes, calculations and renewal processes. The insurance information can be used in potential cross-selling opportunities. Acceptance is a real-time process with online fraud verification built-in.

Product Administration

Fast time-to-market for new product implementations including management of all information concerning the insurance packages, products and their corresponding coverage. Acceptance criteria and factors affecting the premiums are created, maintained and migrated as the market dictates. Product creation, configuration and coverage can be exquisitely flexible and efficient with built-in automated acceptance criteria. Premiums are calculated real-time based on base-premiums combined with the configurable risk factors.

Customer Contact

Integrated single customer and product view in case of customer contact. Set up for all digital channels (email, chat, virtual robot) and call.


Real-time analysis and reporting on website usage, customer search behaviour and sales funnel conversion. CynoSure presents an integrated and consistent view of all customer interactions and all aspects of the platform through the web.

Loyalty Programme

Rewarding trusted and loyal customers builds a strong entanglement with clients. A point system can be incorporated based on a multitude of criteria in order to facilitate the benefit sharing. Discount percentages or package deals on multiple products can be offered as part of a bonus system.

Distribution partners and aggregators

Sell insurance products through 3rd parties with advantageous conditions or promote through comparison sites. This could offer fully automated and real-time acceptance and fully traceable (track & trace) transactions, all accessible through standard web services. If needed call centre support could be linked to the platform.

Financial Administration

Manage all aspects of the insurance life-cycle creating invoices for premiums, collections, damage claims, penalties and debt management.

Claims Administration

Support all aspects of the claims process from notification to claims handling and settlement. Claims processing is automated to the fullest possible extent with straight through processing employed throughout; automated change for no-claims bonus, adjustment and payment of claims. Customers are given all possible assistance and the information they need in their online policy map to streamline the process. If needed a call centre has access to all data.

Campaign Management

CynoSure can launch personalised or mass marketing campaigns based on website demographics and personal insights on current client base. CynoSure has proven integration with SAS but can also integrate with other campaigning solutions.


CynoSure offers automated testing (A/B testing) facilities to ensure full end-to-end consistency and accuracy.

Document Management

The generation of all documentation for customers and a central repository for all customer and 3rd party communication from formal policy contracts and police reports to emails and SMS reminders.
Client documentation is created and delivered according to client preference (email, SMS, phone, web or print). The content is available to all parties.

Frontend Development (white label)

CynoSure offers frontend solutions, taking mobile devices as a starting point. In a white label solution this means a highly customisable responsive frontend framework.

Access Management & Supervision

A sophisticated administration portal controlled with functional and data access profiling, all built on flexible web services.

Application Management

The administrative kernel of CynoSure offers insurers complete system control and authorisations.