We started off as a game-changing start-up in the Dutch insurance market and have grown into a leading fintech partner. We can help you become the new innovative player in your market with more satisfied customers and lower costs.

Shaking up the insurance market

How it all started

In 2008, we developed a unique platform for InShared, a fully digitized insurer that entered the Dutch market in January 2009. Our objective: to completely change the game plan of traditional insurance by moving away from traditional standards towards a digital, easy to use, self-service platform that puts customers back in control of our own insurances policies in real time. There was no legacy in terms of systems, customers or employees to take into account.

We produced a successful white label operation on our platform for HEMA, a Dutch chain of department stores. Once it was fully operational, we added our own digital claims management reporting and handling to complete the self-service aspect. From that moment we continued to design and develop our platform. And we believe this is just the beginning. By listening to our users and their customers and always trying to stay one step ahead.

It's a brand-new world

Why we are here to stay

Our smart, secure, and futureproof platform that is fully equipped to adjust to every market in every country around the globe means we are here to stay. Our professionals deliver the best possible solutions for all kinds of specific IT challenges and their knowledge and experience in the field of conversion, customer service, and claims handling are second to none. All this is to ensure you meet the needs of your customers, your market, and your business model.

Our plans for the future

The world is our playground

If we look ahead to the future, we see even more opportunities. In a world of digital innovations, we’re already looking at the added value of online innovations like chatbots, artificial intelligence, voice control, and other developments that will make it easier to maintain your products and services. In this way, we continue to work on our platform to always provide our partners with the latest opportunities in the field of digital insurance. Because we believe that e-commerce is our standard, not insurance.